How to Create an Eco-friendly Workplace

As our world continues to strive towards a more environmentally friendly future, reducing your carbon footprint and living a more sustainable lifestyle becomes the goal for many. But how do we make a big environmental change? Can little old me make THAT much of a difference? This is where businesses can lead the way. If Australian businesses made eco-friendly changes to their workplace, think of the positive change they could facilitate! Better yet, by doing so, they encourage each one of their employees to continue those eco-friendly practices in their own day-to-day lives in their homes. It’s a win-win!

So, what are the easiest ways for Australian businesses to create an eco-friendly workplace?

  1. Replace printer and office paper with recycled paper. It may be slightly more expensive, but think of how many boxes of paper your business goes through per week… According to the popular site, ‘Quora’ it takes approximately half a tree to create 10 reams of non-recycled paper. Now think of how many trees your business uses per year. Better yet… go paperless if you can!
  2. Consider the use of electricity in your office. Are computers and lights left on overnight? Could changes be made to still consider safety and security, yet use less power? Suggestions are shutting down computers or using ‘sleep mode’ and using timers for your lights so they don’t stay on for longer periods than necessary in places like communal kitchens and bathrooms.
  3. Implement recycling measures. Does your workplace have compost or recycling bins in place? Cafes can offer used coffee grounds to garden centres for use on their plants, offices can recycle used paper and restaurants can implement a compost system for their food scraps. There’s always an opportunity to reduce, reuse or recycle.
  4. Use environmentally friendly products. When it comes to cleaning, we always want to do a good job around the workplace, especially if we are dealing with food and the public. However, there are many alternatives to the harsh chemicals our parents used to use on hands and surfaces, with some companies even using recycled bottles and jars! Don’t believe us? Check out Zero Co. An Aussie start-up, they are creating eco-friendly cleaning products that are housed in containers built from ocean waste plastic. What a fantastic idea!

The above suggestions are just the beginning. The best thing you can do to create an eco-friendly workplace is to educate your staff on how best to do so. Create a poster and display it in a common area. Allow your staff to suggest ways to make the workplace eco-friendlier and try out their ideas as a team. Big changes are a result of a lot of smaller changes lined up in a row, after all!

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