No two businesses are the same, so at Core Business Brokers – no two businesses are treated the same. Every single business is seen with fresh eyes and uniquely packaged and marketed in order to obtain the optimum price in today’s market.

Step one: The typical sale of business process begins with a complimentary meeting with one of our brokers (click here to organise your complimentary consultation today or call us on (02) 9413 2977). Once you decide to go ahead, we’ll sign the initial agreement and analyse your business in detail in order to showcase it in the best possible light.

Step two: Our team will then prepare the advertisement / profile and marketing of your business. As the owner / vendor, the best way you can help us promote your business is to provide us with as much information as possible for us to prepare your information memorandum.
Once we prepare your marketing strategy we will promote your business in the appropriate channels, including our extensive buyer database, other key prospects and advertising avenues so it is presented to both local, interstate and potentially overseas buyers.
Please note – your business name is never mentioned in the promotion / advertising profile for confidentiality reasons.

Step three: When a potential buyer shows interest, confidentiality agreements are signed before your professional business profile is shared with the interested party.

Step four: Once you approve the interested buyers, together we will meet them to discuss the business in detail and negotiate the terms of the sale.

Step five: Once a buyer makes an offer and the terms of sale are approved by you, we move forward with Due Diligence and instruct your solicitor to assist in the preparation of a sales contract.

Interested? To learn more about your unique business sale journey, click here to contact a Core Business Broker, or call us today on (02) 9413 2977.

A recent business sale

We recently sold a business for a value in excess of $2 million. When we first met the owner, we recognised that as he was acting as both the factory manager and an important machine operator, therefore a buyer would see a big risk when the owner left the business. We advised the owner to immediately recruit an appropriate replacement for him as machine operator so that when we met with a buyer, we could advise that the function had already been filled and thus we were able to remove a big objection from negotiations. With our experience we pride ourselves in being able to anticipate the needs of a buyer and work towards resolving these issues in advance.

Preparing your business for sale – A step-by-step guide:
  • Make sure all financials are up to date
  • Show proof of profitability (even with certain adjustments)
  • Ensure all necessary contracts are in place, up to date and transferrable
  • Tidy up processes, manuals and other key operational documents
  • Make sure your lease is secure
  • Sell off plant and equipment as well as other assets that no longer contribute to the business so that they do not represent any weaknesses and become a distraction in the sale process. The same applies with any redundant or old stock
  • Do a general ‘tidy’ of the premises. Although we don’t like to judge a book by its cover, the tattered book stays on the shelf
  • Organisational structure – are there key staff in place and how critical are your functions to the business?

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Let’s talk about your exit strategy

Thinking about selling? Considering retirement? Want to reinstate that work-life balance you’ve been craving for years? Let’s talk about your exit strategy. The key to a successful business sale is preparation – so contact us today to get the conversation started by calling us on (02) 9413 2977 or simply fill in our quick and easy online form.