Selling a Business

Looking to sell your business? 

Thinking about selling your business and not sure where to begin? You’ve come to the right place. When it comes to selling a business, our team at Core Business Brokers are industry professionals. From preparing individual business profiles to marketing, negotiating, and leading you through the legal paperwork; we know the business sale process like the back of our hand.

With decades of experience in selling businesses, you can rely on Core Business Brokers to handle the sale of your business with confidentiality and efficiency. Click here to get started!

We also pride ourselves at being able to negotiate the best terms for the sale to include what our client wishes to achieve. For example, this may include an option to remain working in the business but without the stresses of owning the business.

About Core Business Brokers

As one of the longest-established business brokers in Sydney and Australia, we’ve spent decades in the industry, selling hundreds of businesses in a vast array of industries. But at the end of the day, what makes Core Business Brokers different from all others, is our level of care. We are passionate about what we do and pride ourselves on our genuine care for our clients.

The Core business broker you meet will be the one who handles your sale. They’re the same business broker who checks in every step of the way, follows up every lead, qualifies potential buyers and negotiates the best possible price for you. At Core Business Brokers, you are our number one priority every step of the way.

Through our extensive network of qualified sellers and buyers, alongside our proven marketing methods, we’ll take the stress out of the business sale process. Just like being a successful business owner takes years of experience to learn, conducting a successful, profitable and stress-free sale requires an experienced NSW Business Broker.

At Core Business Brokers, we pride ourselves on offering great service based on our years of experience. If you are thinking of selling your business, you can count on Core Business Brokers to deliver an exceptional service. Contact us today to start your business sale journey.

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Why Sell Your Business?

Want to retire and travel the world (or Australia)?
Looking to reinstate that work-life balance you’ve been dreaming about?
Want to spend quality time with your family and friends?
In need of a change or ready for a new adventure?
Do you simply need a break after running your business by yourself?

Whatever the reason, whatever the goal, Core Business Brokers are the experts when it comes to selling a business and can work with you to make your dreams a reality.

Let Us Help You

We will work alongside you to understand your business and assess the potential saleability. Forming a trusted, professional relationship allows us to provide you with honest and reliable advice to provide realistic expectations and then meet those expectations at every turn.
Our role is to analyse your business and present a variety of options to you, such as:

  • Selling your business now, or whether to wait for a more opportune time
  • Options to sell a portion of your business to a targeted buyer with the aim of freeing up some of your capital
  • Working with you to formulate an appropriate exit strategy over a set period of time
  • Potential earnout options that could increase the value of your business over the next 12 months
  • Any other option that is suitable to you and your business

Every business is unique, and here at Core Business Brokers we take our years of industry knowledge and experience and look at your business with fresh eyes. Contact us to discuss your goals, plans and options for selling your business today.

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Fees & Commission

Once we have been engaged by you, the costs are typically as follows:

  1. An engagement fee – which includes:
    • the preparation of a detailed business profile / Information Memorandum which is used to promote your business
    • advertising costs incurred through third party websites with whom we contract to market your business
    • complimentary marketing to our substantial database of qualified buyers to advertise your business
  2. A success fee – a commission which is payable on the sale of your business. ie we get paid after you’ve been paid.

There is no charge for your initial consultation with a business broker.

Interested in learning more about how we work and what we can do for your business? Please complete this form to receive an Indicative Pricing Appraisal on a value range and how much it will cost to sell your business.

Free Appraisal

Looking to sell your business? Take the free Sellability Score assessment for a complimentary appraisal on a value range and how much it will cost to sell your business

Why choose Core Business Brokers

Our Difference

What makes us different

Core Business Brokers has a combined 85 years of experience in the industry. So, no matter what style of business you have or what kind of business you’re hoping to buy, we’ve seen and dealt with it all before! Our close-knit team are your business broking family; and with each one of us experienced in different industries and business styles, every business owner is well looked after here at Core Business Brokers. 85 years of experience means we’ve seen it all. From retail, franchises and manufacturing to import/distribution and more, there is no business too small and no company too large for us to handle.

When you begin your journey with us, you’ll receive the very best advice and expertise when it comes to your business sale journey. Not only will we aim to achieve the best price for your business in the shortest possible time, but we also pride ourselves in “thinking outside the box” – utilising every tool in our toolbelt to market your business to qualified buyers.

It’s not all about the price, either! Achieving the optimum business sale figure is one of our highest priorities, however, we value your exit strategy and long-term plans just as highly. We will work to achieve your goals from the very beginning until you turn the final page on your business journey and begin your exciting new chapter.

Looking to start that new chapter with Core Business Brokers? Contact us today to receive an honest and realistic business appraisal – with zero obligation until you decide we’re the right fit for you.

Core Business Brokers are different from other Sydney Business Brokers. We’ve bought and sold businesses of our own, Peter Golding and Tom Cimino also have their real estate license and Roy Levy, one of our principal business brokers is also a chartered Accountant.

When you choose Core Business Brokers, you’re not just choosing a qualified business sales associate. You are getting an experienced team of business brokers with a range of complementary skills which make your business sale process more seamless than you could have hoped.

We have buyers ready and waiting!

You’ll have access to our extensive database of hundreds of potential buyers that are looking to buy a business like yours right now. In fact, with over 20 years in the business industry, we’ve found the majority of our sales are to existing buyers from within our client database.

Selling a business can be an intricate process, however, it’s one we know inside out. We’ll take the time to get to know you, your business and your unique needs. At Core Business Brokers, you’re not a business listing, you’re a respected business owner – and you’re part of the Core family.

You can expect frequent updates and a contactable broker from your first meeting at our Sydney office right through to your settlement date. The business broker you meet will be the broker that sells your business. We’ll keep you updated, in the loop and explain proceedings as they occur. Nothing happens without your approval and consent.

Honesty and integrity are our “core values” and our hands-on approach to business sales have paved the road to our success. Check out what our clients have to say:

Meet the Team

Experienced Brokers

The team at Core Business Brokers are industry leaders with years of knowledge and business sale experience on their side. We’ve sold every style of business from small cafes to large-scale corporations and when it comes to buying and selling businesses, you’re in safe hands. Core Business Brokers have an outstanding reputation amongst the business community and are the certified business brokers of choice for a wide range of entrepreneurs looking to buy or sell a business. With 85 years of collective experience and 20 years in operation here in Sydney, you can rely on Core Business Brokers to handle your business sale with efficiency, honesty, and the utmost confidentiality.

Selling a Business

The Sales Process

No two businesses are the same, so at Core Business Brokers – no two businesses are treated the same. Every single business is seen with fresh eyes and uniquely packaged and marketed in order to obtain the optimum price in today’s market.

Step one: The typical sale of business process begins with a complimentary meeting with one of our brokers (click here to organise your complimentary consultation today or call us on (02) 9413 2977). Once you decide to go ahead, we’ll sign the initial agreement and analyse your business in detail in order to showcase it in the best possible light.

Step two: Our team will then prepare the advertisement / profile and marketing of your business. As the owner / vendor, the best way you can help us promote your business is to provide us with as much information as possible for us to prepare your information memorandum.
Once we prepare your marketing strategy we will promote your business in the appropriate channels, including our extensive buyer database, other key prospects and advertising avenues so it is presented to both local, interstate and potentially overseas buyers.
Please note – your business name is never mentioned in the promotion / advertising profile for confidentiality reasons.

Step three: When a potential buyer shows interest, confidentiality agreements are signed before your professional business profile is shared with the interested party.

Step four: Once you approve the interested buyers, together we will meet them to discuss the business in detail and negotiate the terms of the sale.

Step five: Once a buyer makes an offer and the terms of sale are approved by you, we move forward with Due Diligence and instruct your solicitor to assist in the preparation of a sales contract.

Interested? To learn more about your unique business sale journey, click here to contact a Core Business Broker, or call us today on (02) 9413 2977.

Selling a Business

A recent business sale

We recently sold a business for a value in excess of $2 million. When we first met the owner, we recognised that as he was acting as both the factory manager and an important machine operator, therefore a buyer would see a big risk when the owner left the business. We advised the owner to immediately recruit an appropriate replacement for him as machine operator so that when we met with a buyer, we could advise that the function had already been filled and thus we were able to remove a big objection from negotiations. With our experience we pride ourselves in being able to anticipate the needs of a buyer and work towards resolving these issues in advance.

Preparing your business for sale – A step-by-step guide:
  • Make sure all financials are up to date
  • Show proof of profitability (even with certain adjustments)
  • Ensure all necessary contracts are in place, up to date and transferrable
  • Tidy up processes, manuals and other key operational documents
  • Make sure your lease is secure
  • Sell off plant and equipment as well as other assets that no longer contribute to the business so that they do not represent any weaknesses and become a distraction in the sale process. The same applies with any redundant or old stock
  • Do a general ‘tidy’ of the premises. Although we don’t like to judge a book by its cover, the tattered book stays on the shelf
  • Organisational structure – are there key staff in place and how critical are your functions to the business?

Read more here

Mistakes to avoid

Preparing your business for sale is of critical importance. We have often suggested to sellers that they postpone the sale for a few months in order to tidy up the business prior to listing. It is always better to showcase your business in the best possible light, which means loose ends are tied up, manuals are up to date, financials are organised, old stock is sold and any potential issues are addressed. A few months to get your ducks in a row could mean a big difference when it comes to your final sale price.

What are buyers looking for

Buyers are assuming that the profits shown in the profile can be continued into the future so they typically seek a business that is showing a good profit with good historical trends. They’ll want to see:

  • Well-documented procedures
  • Good, quality equipment (if appropriate)
  • Reliable staff in place who will want to continue with the business
  • Written contracts in place (if applicable)
  • A transparent process to finalise their due diligence so that they can be satisfied that the information on which they based an offer is true and correct

Buyers hate finding “holes” in the information on which they relied on when doing their due diligence. This is why, we at Core Business Brokers prepare all the documents in advance to ensure they marry up. We will work with you to prepare your business for sale and guide you as you prepare all necessary documentation. We are with you every step of the way.

The impact of Covid-19

Selling a business during a pandemic has added additional challenges to our industry. However, we at Core Business Brokers have the experience of being able to make the necessary adjustments in order to “normalise” profits and be able to demonstrate this to qualified Buyers. With a chartered accountant on our team, this is our point of difference – being able to justify values where appropriate.

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Let’s talk about your exit strategy

Thinking about selling? Considering retirement? Want to reinstate that work-life balance you’ve been craving for years? Let’s talk about your exit strategy. The key to a successful business sale is preparation – so contact us today to get the conversation started by calling us on (02) 9413 2977 or simply fill in our quick and easy online form.

Selling Services

Our Services

We are with you every step of the way. Our team is there to make your business sale dream a reality. We don’t believe in charging extortionate fees. We only get paid when you get paid – which means your success is our success and achieving an optimum sale price is the goal.
Alongside selling businesses in, our business brokers also conduct:

  • Business appraisals
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Business sale marketing services
  • Buyers agent services

and have access to a vast network of industry contacts, private equity buyers, listed companies searching for bolt-on acquisitions and more. We also prepare professional information memorandums and marketing materials to showcase your business to its full potential.
Roy Levy, one of Core Business Brokers Directors is also a chartered Accountant, which widens our scope of knowledge and allows you to directly discuss your businesses finances with a professional right here in our Sydney office.


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The team at Core Business Brokers have an excellent reputation as business brokers in Sydney and Australia. With over 20 years experience in selling businesses, you can really on Core Business Brokers to handle the sale of your business with confidentiality and efficiency.