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How to Advertise in 2023

Whether you’re looking for new staff, new clients, new customers or even a new owner – advertising is the game. The real question is, do you know how to advertise in 2023? Advertising used to consist of taking out an ad in the newspaper and sitting by the phone. How simple and easy that used to be. Nowadays, advertising has grown to become an intricate machine, where in-depth targeting is used to show your ad to the people who are most likely to respond to it. Sure, an ad in the paper was simple and easy, but with an ageing population, the youth of today are less likely to read the classifieds and more likely to click on an appealing ad when they are scrolling through their social media platforms. 

What are the top advertising options?

Social Media

‘Social media’ encompasses a range of platforms. From Facebook to Instagram and LinkedIn, this method of advertising comes with incredible targeting options. These channels allow you to focus on your target market; their location, interests, age, sex, and many other variables to have your ad seen by people who are more likely to positively respond. The downside? It can be a little complicated to navigate. Facebook ads are a fantastic business advertising tool when you understand how to use them, however Facebook may not be an appropriate platform to use depending on the demographic of the target market. If you don’t have a social media expert or marketing specialist in your team, our advice is to outsource this job to an expert. Trust us, there’s no point doing it poorly if spending a little more allows you to reap the results of a professional ad. 

Google ads

The phrase “Google it” is popular for a very good reason. It’s the search engine of search engines. If your business isn’t utilising Google advertising, it is likely (unless you have fantastic SEO – a topic we will save for another blog) it is not listed on the first page of Google when you search for your business type. Advertising with Google allows your business to show at the very top of the results page when people search for your keywords. Of course, if you are in a flooded industry in a CBD location, this means you’ll be paying a higher premium, but the return on investment can be huge when your business/products are placed right in front of searching customer’s eyes!

Printed publications

We used newspapers as an old-fashioned advertising example, but that doesn’t mean they are no longer relevant. Depending on the publication you choose, this form of advertising can be extremely beneficial. Things to consider here are target market and cost; make sure to advertise in publications that your target customer reads (usually the more “mature” age bracket) and weigh up the cost of your advertising endeavour. Print can be costly – but if the return on investment is good, then it can be worth every cent.

Tangible handouts

A time-consuming process, unless you decide to outsource this task – flyers, newsletters and business cards are also ways to advertise. An important consideration when creating a flyer or brochure is to think deeply about design and content. Too many words can put people off, a poor design can negatively represent your brand. If you don’t have design flair or a way with words, consider hiring a copywriter or graphic designer to lend a hand. Printing is generally cheaper in bulk, so we urge you to create something that represents your brand and can be used long-term, to get your money’s worth.

Word of mouth

Without a doubt, this form of advertising is the cheapest and most effective of them all. A slow burn, it may not drive sales as quickly as other methods, however, if you work hard to satisfy your customers and ensure their happiness, it is highly likely they will refer you to family and friends, discuss you in public settings and spread the love with Google and Facebook reviews. 

Radio & Television

Would your target customer commute to work? What radio stations do they listen to? What time would they generally have free to switch on the tele? These are all questions to ask yourself when considering radio and TV advertising. Choose stations that your target market is attracted to, with time slots that work with their schedules. Radio and television advertising can be costly options, however, if done correctly, can be extremely effective. It’s important to note that if you embark down this path, that quality needs to be a priority. A poor radio or T.V ad is a guaranteed waste of money. Make sure you create something memorable for viewers, whether it’s catchy, quirky, funny or sparks emotion within them. This is key to creating ads that are remembered for months to come.

Advertising is a complex machine, which is why you should consider all of your options and place yourself in the customer’s shoes first. What do they want to see, hear or read? 

To discuss your business in detail, contact Core Business Brokers today, on (02) 9413 2977, or email Roy on [email protected]. If we can’t assist with your business advertising, we will guide you in the right direction.

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