Rental of Equipment for Events and Parties

Hire of Equipment for Events and Parties



The business provides an extensive range of inflatables, rides and packages to meet all the party needs for both corporate and private functions. They employ casual staff to deliver, assemble and then collect the equipment to and from the clients. The booking and operating system is impressive and the business can be handled from just about any location.


  • A name that is trusted- they have provided their services to some of the biggest names in TV including Ellen, The Biggest Loser, Sunrise, Beauty and the Geek, The X Factor and Big Brother. They have a huge corporate following, very well respected in industry.
  • They can accommodate clients hosting a small event to corporates hosting a large event
  • They hold the largest and best party range to satisfy the expectations of the client
  • They have a very big stock supply so that they can host several events at the same time
  • They have employees and sub-contractors in place in all the states with appropriate warehousing facilities.
  • They have all the vehicles to ensure delivery of the rides
  • Member of the Australian Amusement Association (AAA) and AALARA
  • Locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide.
  • 1800 number for easy transfer
  • All systems in place, with a full online booking system so the business can easily be run from any location.
  • Well run business, easy to operate – can be run from home with minimum effort.



  • Status: Listed for Sale 
  • Summary: Hire of Equipment for Events and Parties 
  • Code: RN596 
  • Sector: Non Food 
  • Type: Entertainment and Events 
  • Location: Sydney 
  • Sales: $715,000 
  • Period: Annual 
  • Net Profit: $234,000 
  • Rent: $30,000 
  • Price: $595,000 
  • Long Financials: Due diligence welcome 
  • Staff: Casuals 
  • Lease: 24/11/2019