Wholesale Giftware, Homeware, Fashion, Jewellery

Wholesale distribution, retail & online sales of unique Giftware, Homeware, Fashion, Jewellery

SOLD by Rad Benicky.

Profit : $400,000

$495,000 + stock approx. $500,000

2014    Retail 60%    Wholesale 30%    Ecom 10%

2015    Retail 60%    Wholesale 30%    Ecom 10%

2016    Retail 50%    Wholesale 40%    Ecom 10%

The first thing you’ll notice about this business is that it has a number of channels of income, including; wholesale, Australia & New Zealand, retail 2 x successful stores in excellent locations and online sales which are growing strongly.

You’ll see, that this business is at the top end of the marketplace and certainly only competes on quality and service rather than price. Its name and reputation is held in the highest regard and is now ready to be exploited via a number of proven strategies.

The fast growth over the last few years has shown the vendors the real potential of this growing business. This is a profitable & unique business, with exclusive brands which also sells beautiful and rare giftware and fashion products.

The opportunity to grow this business can be done by the introduction of new product lines and the recent expansion into New Zealand has thus far proven to be positive.

Business has been established for over 10 years and the vendor is willing to help with the transition for an extended period of time. By the way, the vendor works 30 hours per week and takes at least 10 weeks of holidays per year!
For more information please contact Rad Benicky on 02 9413 2977 or email [email protected]

  • Current Status: Sold 
  • Code: Sold 
  • Category: Non Food 
  • Type: Wholesale Distribution 
  • Location: 3 Stores 
  • Sales: $2,200,000 
  • Net Profit: $400,000 
  • Stock: $500,000 
  • Price: $495,000