Travel & adventure business – Online

Travel & adventure business – work from home – SOLD by Rad Benicky

T/O  $230,000

Business Price: $68,000

Profit: $35,000  – owner works 12 hours per week

This well established travel and adventure business of 11 years is operated from the vendor’s home on a part time basis. There are no debts.

All systems and processes are in place and indeed the vendor does not need to travel with the groups as all overseas contractors are in place.

The business is a member of CATO, ATTA, AFTA and ATAS. Recently the business became a Preferred Partner for an Australian travel group of agents and this has a significant potential to increase sales by up to 50% this calendar year.

There is an excellent database of over 2,000 satisfied clients some of who are continuing to go on tours with the business.

Minimal marketing and advertising is conducted and indeed a significant opportunity exists to grow this business both nationally and internationally. Approximately 50 people go on tours every year with this business so the potential to increase this number by 10% or 20% or more is within reason – great potential!

There is a large demographic and psychographic market that is growing by the day.

Bulk of this business revenue is generated by the tours which this business is known by and the contract team members around the world are reliable, knowledgeable and friendly.

If you enjoy travelling this business is ideal as you will have many travel opportunities where you can go for free.

For more information call Rad Benicky on 0411 610 005 or in business hours 02 9413 2977

  • Current Status: Sold 
  • Code: RB 252 
  • Category: Non Food 
  • Type: Travel and Adventure - Sold 
  • Location: Northern Beaches 
  • Sales: $230,000 - Sold 
  • Period: Sold by Rad Benicky 
  • Net Profit: $35,000 average of last $3 years 
  • Price: $68,000 
  • Long Financials: 3 years 
  • Staff: Contractors 
  • Lease: N/A