Online data collection / Market Research – business for sale

Online data collection / Market Research – business for sale

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T/O: $4,000,000

Panel of over 120,000 active members and over 1.5 million registered. This business’s panel satisfies 85% of internal research projects.

Proprietary technology for undertaking quantitative and qualitative data collection.

  • Leading Australian provider of online field services and data collection
  • ISO Accredited to industry & technology development standards
  • Established in 2001
  • Independently owned and operated
  • The company’s suite of services are backed by proprietary, comprehensive arch platforms and delivered by a highly experienced team
  • Providing a full range of online quantitative & qualitative research needs, including deployment, sample recruitment, data collection and processing

This business has extensive experience in online methods including market & social research, Government, finance and include brand research, choice modelling and conjoint analysis, consumer research, demographic research, marketing research, social &, tracking studies.

All online research platforms are ISO approved applications designed for both quantitative and qualitative studies.

300K Australian proprietary members + access to the world via millions of research-ready respondents.

The proprietary technology is highly adaptive and deployed on secure AWS cloud-based servers, all systems are accredited to ISO 27001 standards for Information Security.

This company abides by industry standards and is accredited to;

  • ISO 20252, the international standard for social, opinion and market research.
  • ISO 26362 – Access Panels in Market, Opinion & Social Research
  • ISO 27001 standards for Information Security.
  • Return Path Accreditation: email accreditation program, inclusion to this program is awarded for compliance with the best standard of practice regarding the mass deployment of email invitations for both quantitative and qualitative research activities.
  • Current Status: Listed for Sale 
  • Code: RB 283 
  • Category: Non Food 
  • Type: Market Research & data collection 
  • Location: Sydney 
  • Sales: $4,000,000 
  • Period: Annual 
  • Net Profit: $500,000