Geo Textiles – import & wholesale – B2B

Geo Textiles – import & wholesale – B2B

Sales $1,300,000 – on track for 2021 FY

Profit $180,000 – on track for 2021 FY

Price $300,000

Home based business that can be operated from almost anywhere.

  • A very well-established and regarded brand in the marketplace
  • Well diversified business model with 8 key clients around Australia; mainly in NSW and Queensland
  • The business has at least 10-30 jobs in the pipeline continually
  • The business supplies high-margin bespoke geosynthetic products critical to the manufacture of products in Australia
  • This a low-cost business model that can be scaled up quickly
  • Work from home and indeed almost anywhere
  • The business has low operating cost and high margins
  • Processes and protocols, business files with cloud functionality
  • Excellent systems and processes in place
  • Huge potential to grow and indeed the vendor will help with transition and direction
  • Efficient advertising/marketing spend with ability to increase or decrease work flow
  • Very high google rankings on most relevant key words searched and potential to develop further
  • Exceptionally well run and well organised business model with more efficiencies under development
  • Cashflow positive business model
  • Market is large and growing
  • Long awaited legislation to kick in the near future multiplying work load

A family-owned Australian company, focusing on geosynthetic materials for the mining, construction & civil industries.

This business is very niche and in a very large and growing industry. A small fish in a giant pond.

It is very well organized and set up.

There is significant scope to grow this business with many quotes out with large clients.

Vendors will offer an extended period for transition.

Geosynthetics are synthetic products used for engineering and construction. They stabilize, reinforce, protect, waterproof and drain terrain. Geosynthetics include: geotextiles, geogrids, geonets, geomembranes, geosynthetic clay liners, geofoam, geocells and geocomposites.  Typically made from high density polyethylene, PVC, polypropylene or polyester by moulding, weaving, needle punching or heat bonding.

For more information call Rad Benicky on 0411 610 005 or in business hours 02 9413 2977

  • Current Status: Listed for Sale 
  • Code: RB 279 
  • Category: Non Food 
  • Type: Geosynthetic Wholesale Distribution B2B 
  • Location: Sydney 
  • Sales: $1,300,000 on track for $2,021 FY 
  • Period: Annual 
  • Net Profit: $180,000 on track for $2,021 FY 
  • Rent: Work from home 
  • Price: $300,000 
  • Long Financials: 3 years 
  • Staff: 1x vendor