Boutique Womens’ Fashion Stores- currently 2 stores operational

The business commenced in 2015. The 1st store opened in August 2015 with the 2nd store opening in Nov 2016. The business target market is 14-30 year-old women who have a high disposable income, want a new outfit for a different event every weekend and are very trend driven. Their customers interact with all channels of social media on an hourly basis and they are influenced by what their favourite models, media personalities, celebrities and stylish friends are wearing. They want to look great, but they also don’t want to spend too much doing it.
The business utilises cross platform marketing, particularly social media to ensure their customers are kept up to date with every aspect of our business.

Key Features:

  • 2 excellent store locations with high visibility within the 2 prestigious and well-known shopping centres.
  • Excellent fit outs- nothing to spend.
  • Formula and systems have been well tested and is very productive so that new stores/kiosks can be rolled out in new centres in order to expand the business.
  • Stockists of popular branded apparel and accessories with good margins. No major stock holdings as all stock is held in the stores and rotated regularly. Suppliers deliver direct to each store on virtually a daily basis.
  • Agency agreements in place with suppliers (verbal) which provides a meaningful point of difference in the product offerings.
  • Fantastic online store and website fully operational which is complementing the business and has enormous potential. 16000 Facebook and 27000 Instagram followers. Great recipe for expansion.
  • All local suppliers and 1 offshore supplier with excellent relationships and instant deliveries thereby ensuring minimal stock holdings and fast stock turns.
  • Full Financials are available on request.
  • Current Status: Listed for Sale 
  • Code: RN 580 
  • Category: Non Food 
  • Type: Womens Fashion and Accessories 
  • Location: Sydney 
  • Sales: $553,000 
  • Period: Annual 
  • Net Profit: $30,000 
  • Rent: $9,000 
  • Stock: $30,000 
  • Price: $95,000 
  • Long Financials: Available on Request 
  • Staff:
  • Lease: Good leases in place.