Energy Efficiency Consulting – Online – Work from home, or office

Energy Efficiency Consulting – Online – Work from home, or office

T/O : $340,000

Profit : $220,000 (includes 1 owners wage) & $250-280K profit – currently on track for the 2018/19 FY

Price : $395,000 negotiable

  • This is a low fixed cost business model that can be operated from almost anywhere in the world where internet and phone connection are available.
  • Specializing in BASIX energy efficiency consulting which is a compulsory aspect of any domestic build and renovation, as well as BCA Section J reports for commercial projects.
  • Established 10 years ago the business continues to grow year on year not only in terms of turnover but also profit. Vast client base including many regular satisfied customers (reputable architecture companies).
  • Impressive growth rate particularly in the last 5 years performing well above the market average trends.
  • Excellent marketing and advertising strategies are in place to turn on or off the volume of work.
  • There are currently only 2 people working in the business the vendor and a virtual assistant with 5 years’ experience (CV can be supplied upon request).
  • Flexible working hours.
  • The vendor is willing to stay on temporarily (1-3 months), to ensure a seamless transition.

Qualifications: Certificate IV in NatHERS Assessment (6 months required to complete). As a buyer, you don’t need the qualification, as by hiring an additional qualified resource for about $60K and by keeping existing virtual assistant, will be fine to run the business. You can choose to be involved in backend tasks (this could involve marketing, administration, SEO) tasks in order to give you more capacity and enable you to grow business even more.

For more information call Rad Benicky on 0411 610 005 or in business hours 02 9413 2977

  • Current Status: Listed for Sale 
  • Code: RB 249 
  • Category: Non Food 
  • Type: Energy efficiency consulting  
  • Location: Can be run from almost anywhere 
  • Sales: $340,000 
  • Period: Annual 
  • Net Profit: $220,000 
  • Rent: Home based 
  • Price: $395,000 negotiable 
  • Long Financials: 3 years  
  • Staff: 1 x vendor & 1 x virtual assistant  
  • Lease: Home based